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A Pom Pom Beret and a Teddy Bear (OT15)

This little munchkin just turned 7 months. (Seven!) He seats straight, he eats soup and smashed fruit, he claps his hands, he sleeps all night, oh wait, not really... he is teething so if you have kids you know how it goes... He smiles a lot, and "talks" all the time, and loves to cuddle. And we love him. <3  

As promised, here I am again today (wait, two blog posts in one day?! Am I back to the good ol' days?) showing off two more patterns from One Thimble issue 15This issue is jam packed of exclusive patterns, tutorials and articles. Love this digital sewing magazine!

The Phillipa Blouse - One Thimble is Out!

One Thimble issue 15 is out! I have been collaborating with One Thimble on promotional blog tours since issue 5 (you can see all blog posts by typing "one thimble" on the search box, on your right) and it was love at first sight. It's such an amazing digital sewing magazine! Always jam packed with great articles and sewing tutorials and tips, and lots of sewing patterns! For issue 15 I have picked three patterns, for my girls and my little wee baby. On this blog post I am showcasing the Phillipa Blouse and sharing a full review on this issue, and the other makes will be shown later today. 

The Ania Tunic + The Wild and Free Pants

Hi everyone! Is this me blogging again? Am I getting into the sewing+blogging loop again? I certainly don't have the time I used to have to sew.all.the.things, but I am managing to sew again! YAY! 

So, today I am sharing with you my recent makes. Two patterns by Coffee + Thread. Love Olga and absolutely love her patterns! 

The Prize Garden Dress

New make! I can't believe I am finally getting into the sewing groove again. Baby #4 is (finally) napping at least twice a day! (one nap is at least 1 hour, and on a good day I'm getting two naps of 1-2 hours!! Yay!!!). I don't know how long it will last but I will make the most of it while it lasts! :) I even had the time to draft this quick & easy knit dress from scratch! (Woo-hoo!)

The Fat Quarter Skirt

Hi! I just found the perfect pattern for people who - just like me - don't have much time to sew or need a quick & easy & cute gift for girls. It's the Fat Quarter Skirt by Thread Riding Hood. It only takes 2 fat quarters of fabric! And it's the perfect sewing fix for this sleepy mom of a baby, who doesn't have much time to sew these days...